• Priscilla of Boston – After decades holding the top spot as a premier wedding gown maker, Priscilla of Boston closed its doors at the end of 2011. Every one of its 20 stores was shut down, ending a long and successful run for the landmark store.
  • Total Wedding – Total Wedding shop in the Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL closed its doors in August of 2009. The poor economy took its toll on the mall staple, forcing the store the offer all of its merchandise for half off – including the light fixtures.
  • SharNett Bridal and Prom – SharNett Bridal and Prom went out of business Tuesday, July 7, 2009 to the shock of its customers. Without warning, brides arrived to the store to find a sign affixed to the door of the business citing the down economy as the reason for the closure.

A wedding is supposed to be a big day for any couple getting married – but especially the bridal component of the couple. A woman wants her wedding day and all of its details to be just perfect, right down to the dress she wears. Bridal shops are located all over the world assisting brides-to-be in preparing for their big day. Unfortunately there are those occasions that, for whatever reason, a bridal shop has to make the choice to go out of business and/or file bankruptcy.

  • But what of the brides that have already placed orders for their wedding dresses and the dresses for their bridal party?
  • When a bridal shop closes down, what about the people whose dresses are out for alterations?
  • What about women who are still paying on their orders?
  • It is an all too common occurrence that many brides are left in the dust while the bridal shop they’ve been working with has packed up shop and left town.

What can a bride-to-be do to avoid this happening to her?

Pay For Your Dress With A Credit Card – It is always better to pay with a credit card rather than with cash, or even layaway, for your dress. If you pay for your dress with a credit card, and for some reason the bridal shop goes out of business, it is easier to file a dispute claim for what you’ve paid on it, than to be refunded what you’ve already invested in purchasing the dress. Check with your credit card company as well, some credit cards have purchase protection programs for their customers.

Ask About Their Policies – Find out what policies the bridal shop has in place to protect their inventory and customers in the event of a bankruptcy, a fire, or other situations that might force the store to close its doors. It is better to know where you stand from the get go, before you begin investing money into something you may never receive. You want to make sure you’re protected and have an opportunity to find another bridal shop to work with if your current one is not meeting your needs.

Check Their Standing With The Better Business Bureau (BBB) – This step goes for any new business that you’re thinking of using, but it is especially important when dealing with bridal shops. Chances are, if the bridal shop you’d like to use is shady, unprofessional, or they’ve had customer service issues in the past, there will be complaints from former customer already on the books. Research the company and find out what its customer history has been; make sure you are dealing with an ethical shop.