When creating a business, you want to choose something that will be marketable and attractive to the average consumer. Because the average consumer, after all, is the one who will make or break your business. You may have plenty to sell, but if you don’t have anyone to buy, there is no way to garner an income. It is the same concept for online businesses.

Xoxide.com, an online distributor of computer parts, cases, and other electronic accessories (computer mice, keyboards, hard drives, computer fans, and other items for do-it-yourselfers to build and operate a computer system), started out as a company that had what people wanted. Yet at some point during their operation, they fell on some hard times leaving them with an uncertain future.

Xoxide, Inc first opened in 2001 and has served many hundreds of thousands of tech-savvy customers over the years. However between 2008 and early 2009, the owners of Xoxide distributed an open letter to their customers, stating that they were in the process of liquidating their inventory and that their customers could expect discounts ranging from 10 to 70% off. Rumor had it that the company was incurring a mountain of debt and could no longer afford to continue operation. Some speculated that the company’s items were overpriced and that they could not compete with other retailers who sold computer-related items at lower prices. Still others blamed the going out of business sale on the crushing economy at that time. It was speculated that Xoxide could not stand up under the pressure of a dwindling income – as their customers could not afford to purchase anything during this time. There was even talk of Xoxide selling their website to obtain income they could use to address their debt.

What the latest Update about Xocxide?

Whatever the reason for the initial liquidation notification, it was later reported in September of 2009 that the company was no longer in danger of going out of business. The liquidation sale was over and the company began restocking their shelves. No reason was given for the sudden turnaround, but commentators have speculated that perhaps the company found an investor or even someone to purchase the company outright – someone who could take care of the debt, with a future plan on how to turn a profit for the company. Other consumers believe it was a scheme to clear out stock from their shelves in order to make room for new products. Again, the reason isn’t clear, but what is clear is that Xoxide is still in business and still seems to be going strong – for now.